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Framewerx 360

Framewerx 360 Framewerx 360 is designed to provide you with complete coverage, so that you can focus on running your business, worry free. From email management to cloud protection, phone systems and 24/7 network monitoring; we’ve got your back.  360 … Read More

Comprehensive Package

Comprehensive Package 42% of endpoints are left unprotected at any given time. Protect your network with Framewerx’s Comprehensive package. What is the Comprehensive package? Framewerx’s Comprehensive package will supplement your business with all our Preventative package has to offer, as … Read More

Preventative Package

Preventative Maintenance Every 5 seconds, a business or consumer is the victim of a ransomware attack. Secure your data with Framewerx’s Preventative Maintenance package. What is Preventative Maintenance? Framewerx’s Preventative Maintenance package will supplement your business with the following services:  … Read More

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery For when your worst case scenario happens It’s not how you got knocked down that matters, it’s how you picked yourself up! Using our best in breed solutions, we can have your entire system recovered within … Read More

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions For ease of management Looking to move to the cloud? Don’t know whether a private or public cloud is the right answer? We can help design a solution that is right for you. Whether it’s using a public … Read More

Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and Communication Communication is important! Now take it one step forward to collaboration. A solution based on industry best in breed technology’s. You can have it all, from cloud file systems to instant team communication; and voice and video … Read More

Custom Applications Graphic

Custom Applications and Integrations

Custom Applications Designed and Aligned to your vision Looking for something different? Maybe you know what you want, and are ready to get started. Or perhaps you have an idea, but want some help to round it out. No matter … Read More


Cybersecurity For peace of mind You deserve peace of mind; see how our security platform allows you to sleep at night. We offer end to end coverage, from the traditional (email, system, gateway, MDM protection) to identity management and posture … Read More

IT help desk graphic

Help Desk

Help Desk For all your help desk needs If the day-to-day support of your systems and hardware is getting too much for your team to handle, or you’re just looking to free them up to focus on projects that meet … Read More

IT Reporting

IT Strategy and Reporting

IT Strategy and Reporting vCIO (IT Strategy), Business Analytics, and Reporting At Framewerx, our primary goal is to support the success of your business. To achieve this, we offer a range of services that focus on providing valuable insights and … Read More

Inventory Management

Inventory Count Tool

Enhance inventory auditing and future reconciliation efforts with a versatile mobile and web-based application.

Fabrication & Progression Management


Efficiently oversee and optimize the fabrication process of steel components, meticulously tracking and managing the progression of fabrication tasks from staging, prep assembly, welding, QAQC, all the way to shipping.