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Preventative Package

preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Every 5 seconds, a business or consumer is the victim of a ransomware attack. Secure your data with Framewerx's Preventative Maintenance package.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Framewerx’s Preventative Maintenance package will supplement your business with the following services: 



Timely patches can prevent costly after-the-fact incident remediation measures. Unpatched vulnerabilities are involved in 60% of all data breaches.


Real-time monitoring for critical security vulnerabilities can allow for immediate action to be taken and thus prevent exploitation.


Whenever cyber-attacks come close, the vulnerabilities are pin-pointed and actionable measures are carried out to ensure vulnerabilities are addressed regularly.

Cloud Solutions

Powered by Framewerx 24/7 NOC Assist

Without the need for an on-site visit, our team can efficiently respond to alerts and take immediate action to security threats.

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