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STEMS – Custom Material Resource Planning Solution

STEMS – Framewerx’s Custom Material Resource Planning Solution!

We are proud to introduce our custom Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) solution STEMS, an on-premise desktop application that serves as the cornerstone of our client’s business infrastructure. This robust system seamlessly integrates with various web and mobile applications, creating a comprehensive ecosystem that centralizes data and streamlines workflow for our clients.

Custom Integrations and Capabilities:

STEMS is linked to our custom-built web-based HRMS shell solution Peoplewerx. This integration extends further to connect with third-party HR tools such as Bamboo HR, EHS Insights, and Sage 300, facilitating a unified approach to human resources management within large-scale organizations. The bidirectional data flow between these systems optimizes HR processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.


Procurement personnel benefit from STEMS’s comprehensive inventory management capabilities, including cataloging, categorization, historical transaction tracking, and seamless handling of inventory reservations, receiving, nesting, supplier management, and shipping. The collaboration with our web-based Advanced BOM tool further enhances the procurement process by allowing supply chain managers to modify and record granular processes involving inventory and supplies to execute projects.


Furthermore, the MRP solution integrates with our web-based Shopwerx system, controlling the data flow for production management. Specifically, it oversees the progression management of steel products from preparation, assembly, welding, to quality assurance and control (QAQC), allowing for status updates, barcoding, and time tracking.


The system extends its functionality to a fully role-based access system. This ensures that users only see relevant information based on their permissions.


A highlight of our MRP solution is its role in reporting, providing comprehensive insights into production statuses, payroll, accounting, inventory, and project management. The versatility and depth of reporting features contribute to informed decision-making at all levels of the organization.



In summary, our custom material resource planning (MRP) solution is a holistic business logic system that not only centralizes data and workflow but also integrates seamlessly with various tools to optimize HR processes, procurement, job management, and production control. Its role-based access ensures data security, and its robust reporting capabilities empower organizations with valuable insights for strategic decision-making.



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Client Testimonials
Steve Brittain
Steve Brittain
Municipal Manager, Select Engineering Consultants
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Dan and his team have been able to meet all Select Engineering challenges with minimal disruption to the business; from fast access to corporate resources thanks to our DaaS solution, to collaborating with internal and external parties utilizing our manager VoIP phone system or accessing SaaS solutions using the fully integrated security solutions.
 Daniel Elliot
Daniel Elliot
Operations Lead, Omni-McCann Geoscience
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Framewerx rescued my company from obsolete digital file management and brought us into the 21st century with cloud services in an efficient manner. Kalyn and his team at Framewerx were able to provide solutions for merging two corporate entities with vastly different digital file management and email servers in a seamless manner while providing top quality support during and after the transition to all employees. They provided training so that everyone understood new operating protocols and software changes. Framewerx has been very responsive and has always been keen to work with us to understand our business, IT needs, and financial restrictions. We continue to work with Framewerx for all of our IT, phone system, and data storage needs.
 Karim Mouait
Karim Mouait
Vice President, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd
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We used Framewerx to transition our traditional office to a virtual one. This included VOIP, call recording, video conferencing, VPN, remote working from home accommodations etc. Dan and his team did a fantastic job. They are extremely responsive and client service oriented.
 Kimberly Maber
Kimberly MaberManaging Partner, Brunsdon Lawrek & Associates
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I have worked with Kalyn and his team for many years. He has readily handled all of our IT needs, from designing our IT strategy to our day to day computing requirements and support. Kalyn takes the time to listen to and understand our needs, delivering cost-effective and innovative IT solutions for our small business. I highly recommend working with Kalyn at Framewerx.
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