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ABC Books – Ecommerce Retail Website

custom ecommerce website

Custom Ecommerce web design for ABC Books, a used bookstore in Kamloops, British Columbia. The project included the following:


  • Goal and scope identification.
  • Sitemap and wireframe creation.
  • Content creation.
  • Asset coalition.
  • E-commerce integration.


A custom ecommerce website is an online platform that is uniquely designed and developed to meet the specific needs and requirements of a business or individual. Unlike pre-made alternatives or template-based solutions, a custom ecommerce website is built from scratch, tailored to the precise specifications of the business owner. The key advantage lies in its ability to provide a highly personalized and distinctive online shopping experience.


Why should you consider a custom e-commerce website?


Unique Brand Identity

A custom ecommerce website allows you to create a unique brand identity that aligns perfectly with your business values, target audience, and overall branding strategy. You have complete control over the visual elements, including colors, fonts, layouts, and imagery, ensuring a consistent and memorable brand experience for your customers.


Tailored Functionality

With a custom ecommerce website, you can incorporate specific features and functionalities that are essential for your business operations. So you have the flexibility to build a platform that supports your unique requirements.


Scalability and Growth Potential

You can plan and implement a robust infrastructure that can handle increasing traffic, transactions, and product catalog expansions without compromising performance or user experience. This scalability ensures that your website can adapt and accommodate future business needs.


Security and Data Privacy

Custom ecommerce websites provide greater control over security measures and data privacy. By building your website from scratch, you can implement robust security protocols, encryption, and compliance measures, so that you can protect sensitive customer information and ensure a secure shopping environment.



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Client Testimonials
Steve Brittain
Steve Brittain
Municipal Manager, Select Engineering Consultants
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Dan and his team have been able to meet all Select Engineering challenges with minimal disruption to the business; from fast access to corporate resources thanks to our DaaS solution, to collaborating with internal and external parties utilizing our manager VoIP phone system or accessing SaaS solutions using the fully integrated security solutions.
 Daniel Elliot
Daniel Elliot
Operations Lead, Omni-McCann Geoscience
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Framewerx rescued my company from obsolete digital file management and brought us into the 21st century with cloud services in an efficient manner. Kalyn and his team at Framewerx were able to provide solutions for merging two corporate entities with vastly different digital file management and email servers in a seamless manner while providing top quality support during and after the transition to all employees. They provided training so that everyone understood new operating protocols and software changes. Framewerx has been very responsive and has always been keen to work with us to understand our business, IT needs, and financial restrictions. We continue to work with Framewerx for all of our IT, phone system, and data storage needs.
 Karim Mouait
Karim Mouait
Vice President, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd
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We used Framewerx to transition our traditional office to a virtual one. This included VOIP, call recording, video conferencing, VPN, remote working from home accommodations etc. Dan and his team did a fantastic job. They are extremely responsive and client service oriented.
 Kimberly Maber
Kimberly MaberManaging Partner, Brunsdon Lawrek & Associates
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I have worked with Kalyn and his team for many years. He has readily handled all of our IT needs, from designing our IT strategy to our day to day computing requirements and support. Kalyn takes the time to listen to and understand our needs, delivering cost-effective and innovative IT solutions for our small business. I highly recommend working with Kalyn at Framewerx.
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