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How Framewerx Leverages AI to Serve our Customers

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Right now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. It feels like every other day a different tech company announces their newest program or service that utilizes it, despite the technology having been around for decades. With AI now being readily accessible for the public, many business owners are asking themselves what it means for their business operations and daily life within the office. As a future forward company, Framewerx has been using AI technology to better serve our clients for years. And as a company devoted to transparency, we want to ensure that our customers know exactly how we are using AI to serve them, and why.


How do we leverage AI?

Framewerx utilizes Graphus®, an automated cybersecurity defense program, to bring peace of mind and security to our clients. Graphus uses AI to protect businesses from email-based threats. But how is it used?:


Email Analysis and Threat Detection

Graphus leverages AI algorithms to analyze incoming and outgoing emails within an organization’s email infrastructure. It examines email headers, content, attachments, and metadata to understand the context and identify any suspicious patterns or anomalies. The program monitors traffic in real-time, flagging emails that exhibit characteristics of phishing attempts or other malicious activities.


Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral analysis is used to detect unusual patterns in email communication. It establishes a baseline of normal behavior for each user and then identifies deviations that could indicate a potential threat. For example, if an employee suddenly starts sending emails with unusual language or requests for sensitive information, the system can flag it as suspicious. Several factors are at play when using AI behavioral analysis:

  1. Rule-based approach: Behavioral analysis typically involves defining rules or patterns that describe expected or abnormal behavior. These rules are applied to the observed data to identify patterns or anomalies.
  2. Human-defined features: Behavioral analysis often relies on human experts to define the relevant features or indicators of behavior. These features can include specific actions, sequences of events, or other measurable characteristics.
  3. Interpretation and context: Behavioral analysis aims to provide meaningful insights by interpreting the detected patterns or anomalies in the context of the specific domain. It often requires human intervention to interpret the results and make decisions based on the analysis.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of AI, where the algorithm works to train its AI models on vast amounts of data. Unlike behavioral analysis, machine learning enables the algorithm to predict and identify without being programmed by humans.

  1. Data-driven approach: Machine learning algorithms learn from data and automatically discover patterns, relationships, or features without explicit programming. In the case of Graphus, this includes historical email interactions and working to develop an understanding of what constitutes normal and abnormal email behavior within an organization.
  2. Automated feature extraction: Machine learning algorithms often automatically learn and extract relevant features or representations from the data. These features are learned through the training process, reducing the need for human-defined features.
  3. Model optimization: This involves training models by optimizing their parameters or structures to minimize errors or maximize performance on a given task.



We use AI to provide proactive user education and awareness. We automatically generate and deploy simulated phishing campaigns that mirror real-world attacks to test employees’ susceptibility to phishing attacks. Additionally, Additionally, we deliver personalized training to help employees improve their ability to identify and respond to such threats.


Automation and Response:

Graphus takes automated actions to protect your organization when it identifies a potential threat. It quarantines suspicious emails, block malicious links, prevents unauthorized access to compromised accounts, and alerts administrators as well as your IT team. By automating these response actions, we significantly reduce the response time, minimizing the impact of potential security incidents. This automated approach enables Framewerx to quickly mitigate risks and ensure that your email is returned to its best-standing state as soon as possible.


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Framewerx Projects
Shopwerx in Acheson, AB
Real-time usage in the field

Our client-facing steel progression web application: Shopwerx, used by one of our client’s workers. 

Client Testimonials
Steve Brittain
Steve Brittain
Municipal Manager, Select Engineering Consultants
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Dan and his team have been able to meet all Select Engineering challenges with minimal disruption to the business; from fast access to corporate resources thanks to our DaaS solution, to collaborating with internal and external parties utilizing our manager VoIP phone system or accessing SaaS solutions using the fully integrated security solutions.
 Daniel Elliot
Daniel Elliot
Operations Lead, Omni-McCann Geoscience
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Framewerx rescued my company from obsolete digital file management and brought us into the 21st century with cloud services in an efficient manner. Kalyn and his team at Framewerx were able to provide solutions for merging two corporate entities with vastly different digital file management and email servers in a seamless manner while providing top quality support during and after the transition to all employees. They provided training so that everyone understood new operating protocols and software changes. Framewerx has been very responsive and has always been keen to work with us to understand our business, IT needs, and financial restrictions. We continue to work with Framewerx for all of our IT, phone system, and data storage needs.
 Karim Mouait
Karim Mouait
Vice President, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd
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We used Framewerx to transition our traditional office to a virtual one. This included VOIP, call recording, video conferencing, VPN, remote working from home accommodations etc. Dan and his team did a fantastic job. They are extremely responsive and client service oriented.
 Kimberly Maber
Kimberly MaberManaging Partner, Brunsdon Lawrek & Associates
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I have worked with Kalyn and his team for many years. He has readily handled all of our IT needs, from designing our IT strategy to our day to day computing requirements and support. Kalyn takes the time to listen to and understand our needs, delivering cost-effective and innovative IT solutions for our small business. I highly recommend working with Kalyn at Framewerx.
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Inventory Management

Inventory Count Tool

Enhance inventory auditing and future reconciliation efforts with a versatile mobile and web-based application.

Fabrication & Progression Management


Efficiently oversee and optimize the fabrication process of steel components, meticulously tracking and managing the progression of fabrication tasks from staging, prep assembly, welding, QAQC, all the way to shipping.