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Staying Ahead of AI Powered Cybersecurity Risks

AI risks

While artificial intelligence (AI) has many benefits for businesses, it has also created new vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit to carry out complex cyberattacks that are difficult to detect and mitigate. This emerging threat landscape can be tough for businesses that do not have a dedicated IT security team equipped with the tools to mitigate cybercrimes. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to bolster your organization’s cybersecurity.

Here are some practical tips for enhancing your organization’s cybersecurity posture against emerging AI threats:


1. Provide continuous, real-time cybersecurity training for your team.

AI technology is evolving quicker than ever, and so are cyberthreats. Mix the two together without continuous cybersecurity training for your team and you’ll have a security disaster on your hands. When a hacker targets an organization, an employee often gets blamed for clicking the wrong link or downloading an infected file. However, rather than blaming an individual, devise a strategy to ensure all your employees have the knowledge and training they need to make the right decisions.

For example, you can use real-time scenarios or simulations to help your employees identify phishing emails so they don’t fall for malicious attempts. You can even set up regular, ongoing security awareness training to educate your employees about persistent threats like ransomware and social engineering attacks. By making cybersecurity training an essential part of your work culture, you can have all your employees invested in organizational security.

2. Implement AI-driven security solutions.

You’ve heard the saying “fight fire with fire”, well get ready to fight AI with AI. Businesses can leverage the power of AI by implementing AI-driven security solutions. These solutions utilize machine learning algorithms and advanced analytics to detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time. They can identify unusual behaviors, detect malicious activities, and provide early warnings of potential security breaches. They can also automate threat hunting and incident response, allowing security teams to focus on more strategic tasks. By analyzing vast amounts of data and identifying patterns and anomalies, AI-driven security tools can provide proactive threat detection and mitigation. An example of this would be how Framewerx utilizes Graphus to protect our clients.

3. Collaborate with industry experts and share threat intelligence.

Cybersecurity is a collective effort, and businesses can stay ahead of AI cybersecurity risks by collaborating with industry experts and sharing threat intelligence. Participating in industry forums, establishing relationships with trusted vendors, and partnering with an MSP can all provide valuable insights into emerging threats and best practices. An experienced IT service provider will have the inside scoop on all the latest developments in AI and can help you build a formidable cybersecurity posture that protects your business from AI-related threats.

4. Improve security policies and enforce them.

As AI-powered cyberthreats evolve, take proactive steps to improve cybersecurity policies and enforce them rigorously through consistent communication that emphasizes the necessity of good cyber hygiene. Your IT and HR teams can also work on cybersecurity strategies and policies that ensure your employees stay vigilant and aware of the latest AI cyberthreats. For example, you can have weekly newsletters sent out to employees to keep them updated on emerging threats. You should also carry out regular risk assessments and implement multifactor authentication to enhance your cybersecurity.

5. Patch your systems.

The number one way to help protect your systems is patch management. Keeping systems and software up to date is crucial for staying ahead of AI cybersecurity risks. Software patches often include security enhancements and fixes for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals. Implementing automated patch management solutions or partnering with an MSP can help streamline the process. It is also crucial to retire any unsupported or EOL software and replace it with modern, supported alternatives to reduce the risk of potential vulnerabilities.

6. Conduct regular technology audits.

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and that is why it’s essential to stay ahead of potential threats through regular auditing. Do you know where your businesses technology stands when it comes to industry standards? Or if any of your software is EoL (end-of-life)? Auditing your technology not only helps you stay ahead of the game, but eliminates unhappy surprises, and allows you to make better data-driven decisions. 


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shopwerx project
Shopwerx in Acheson, AB
Real-time usage in the field

Our client-facing steel progression web application: Shopwerx, used by one of our client’s workers. 

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Steve Brittain
Steve Brittain
Municipal Manager, Select Engineering Consultants
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Dan and his team have been able to meet all Select Engineering challenges with minimal disruption to the business; from fast access to corporate resources thanks to our DaaS solution, to collaborating with internal and external parties utilizing our manager VoIP phone system or accessing SaaS solutions using the fully integrated security solutions.
 Daniel Elliot
Daniel Elliot
Operations Lead, Omni-McCann Geoscience
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Framewerx rescued my company from obsolete digital file management and brought us into the 21st century with cloud services in an efficient manner. Kalyn and his team at Framewerx were able to provide solutions for merging two corporate entities with vastly different digital file management and email servers in a seamless manner while providing top quality support during and after the transition to all employees. They provided training so that everyone understood new operating protocols and software changes. Framewerx has been very responsive and has always been keen to work with us to understand our business, IT needs, and financial restrictions. We continue to work with Framewerx for all of our IT, phone system, and data storage needs.
 Karim Mouait
Karim Mouait
Vice President, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd
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We used Framewerx to transition our traditional office to a virtual one. This included VOIP, call recording, video conferencing, VPN, remote working from home accommodations etc. Dan and his team did a fantastic job. They are extremely responsive and client service oriented.
 Kimberly Maber
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I have worked with Kalyn and his team for many years. He has readily handled all of our IT needs, from designing our IT strategy to our day to day computing requirements and support. Kalyn takes the time to listen to and understand our needs, delivering cost-effective and innovative IT solutions for our small business. I highly recommend working with Kalyn at Framewerx.
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