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Our Comprehensive Steel Fabrication Management Information Software, harnessing seamless data flow for enhanced interdepartmental and interstakeholder collaboration.

What we offer

Optimize your steel fabrication operation

Maximize your steel fabrication operations with Fabwerx. Our comprehensive management system minimizes costs, enhances productivity, and increases profitability throughout the entire process.

Bird's Eye View

Modularized Software Solutions

The Fabwerx suite of tools include advanced features for managing bidding and estimating processes, streamlining purchasing and requisition management, enhancing project and contract management, optimizing fabrication management through efficient project controls, enabling accurate forecasting and scheduling, and ensuring reliable inventory control and auditing capabilities.

With our software solutions, we aim to provide an integrated and efficient approach to steel fabrication, empowering businesses to overcome obstacles and achieve greater success.

Seamless Integration

API Driven Interconnected Solutions

Our team of expert integration development specialists possesses extensive experience in integrating a wide range of third-party applications, including Procore, Tekla, Syspro, Azure AD, Power BI, MS Excel, EHS Insights, Sage 300, ProNest, Autodesk, Bamboo HR, Controller Automation and CNC Controllers.

By leveraging their expertise, we ensure that our software solutions can effortlessly connect with your preferred tools, allowing for smooth data flow and unified operations across your organization.

Principal Tier

Fabwerx Core

Tailored for Steel Fabrication and Construction Excellence.

Fundamental Business Logic System

Empowering the Steel Fabrication and Construction Industry with a Comprehensive MRP Solution for Streamlined Operations, Precise Inventory Management, and Unparalleled Efficiency from POs to MTR Traceability

Software Modules

Unveiling Fabwerx's MRP Arsenal

our modularized extensions

Bid/Estimate Solution

Facilitates accurate estimation of project costs, labor, materials, and other critical factors, streamlining project planning and budgeting.

Cost Estimation
Resource Allocation
Bid Preparation

Advanced BOM & Material Change Management

Streamline the procurement process, manage requisitions, and effectively handle changes in a project context.

Purchasing Management
Requisition Management
Change Management

Fabrication Management

Oversee and optimize the fabrication process of steel components, as well as track and manage the progression of fabrication tasks.

Task and Workflow Management
Progress Tracking and Reporting
Quality Control and Inspection
Barcode Integration

Construction Management

Streamlines construction with real-time job tracking, paperless timesheets, enhanced visibility, and proactive issue resolution.

Real-time Crew Tracking
Electronic Timesheets
Project Visibility

Production Planning and Scheduling Solution

Optimize production planning, predict demand, schedule operations and analyze performance.

Demand Forecasting
Production Planning and Scheduling
Resource Allocation

Inventory Auditing Solution

Effectively manage and reconcile inventory-related processes.

Inventory Tracking
Audit Trail
Cycle Counting
Barcode Integration

3rd Party Integrations

Enabling Seamless Data Flow Across Applications

Fabwerx's software modules seamlessly integrate with 3rd party applications through APIs. This ensures data consistency, automates transfers for productivity, aggregates data for better visibility, and facilitates collaboration through shared information.

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7 Ways Fabwerx Can Help Your Business Thrive

Concrete ways Fabwerx can benefit your business

 Our bid/estimate solution enables precise and consistent estimation of costs, labor, and materials. This accuracy minimizes the risk of underestimating or overestimating project expenses, helping you secure profitable contracts.

By integrating purchasing, requisition, and change management tools, our solution optimizes procurement processes. It facilitates efficient vendor selection and purchase order management, leading to cost savings through better supplier relationships and reduced purchasing errors.

Our project/contract management tools provides comprehensive tools for efficient project tracking, milestone management, and contract compliance. This streamlines project execution, reduces delays, mitigates risks, and improves overall project profitability.

Our solution offers advanced features for fabrication and progression management. It optimizes resource allocation, tracks production progress, minimizes bottlenecks, and ensures smooth workflow, resulting in improved operational efficiency and reduced production costs.

With our production planning and scheduling solution, you can optimize resource utilization, minimize idle time, and reduce production lead times. By maximizing efficiency and minimizing production downtime, you can increase output and meet project deadlines more consistently, thereby enhancing profitability.

Our inventory auditing solution provides accurate visibility into stock levels, material usage, and inventory tracking. This ensures efficient inventory management, reduces waste, prevents stockouts, and enables timely procurement, leading to cost savings and improved cash flow.

Our MRP solution integrates data from various modules, enabling comprehensive data analysis and reporting. This empowers management with valuable insights for strategic decision making, such as identifying cost-saving opportunities, optimizing resource allocation, and streamlining operations, all of which contribute to increased profitability.

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Fundamental Business Logic System

Fabwerx Core

Empowering the Steel Fabrication and Construction Industry with a Comprehensive MRP Solution for Streamlined Operations, Precise Inventory Management, and Unparalleled Efficiency from POs to MTR Traceability

Bidding & Estimating


Quickly and accurately estimate the breakdown of material, labor and equipment needed for a job in addition to calculating profit margins and costs.

Advanced BOM & Material Change Management


Enhance operational efficiency through streamlined procurement, change management, and requisition handling for seamless project execution.

Fabrication & Progression Management


Efficiently oversee and optimize the fabrication process of steel components, meticulously tracking and managing the progression of fabrication tasks from staging, prep assembly, welding, QAQC, all the way to shipping.

Construction & Progression Management


Effectively manage and enhance the construction process of steel components, methodically overseeing and coordinating the workflow from site preparation to final structure integration.

Production Planning & Scheduling

Manpower Loading

Streamline operations and maximize efficiency by leveraging advanced capabilities to optimize production planning, accurately forecast demand, seamlessly schedule operations, and evaluate current labor utilization status.

Inventory Management

Inventory Count Tool

Enhance inventory auditing and future reconciliation efforts with a versatile mobile and web-based application.

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