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AI in Cybersecurity

It’s no secret that the buzzword of the year has been AI. But while most conversations revolve around how AI can optimize and add efficiency to our daily routine, there’s a bit more mystery as to how AI fits into

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Time To Upgrade Your UPS?

A UPS (Uninterruptable Power Source) is like your devices guardian angel, keeping your electronics safe from power surges and power outages alike. Unlike a Surge Protector, a UPS is capable of supplying backup power to your devices, either to keep

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Penetration Testing

Why Penetration Testing is Necessary

Skilled professionals (most commonly IT security experts) conduct penetration testing, often referred to as pen testing, as a simulated cyberattack. They employ a variety of techniques to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure, just as real attackers

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Protecting SaaS

Protecting Your SaaS Data

Businesses worldwide are investing heavily in software-as-a-service (SaaS) or cloud computing solutions in the search for flexible, reliable and affordable software infrastructure. In fact, it was estimated that in 2023 end-user spending on public cloud services would reach $600 billion,

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Encryption Explained

Encryption Explained The science of encryption is the answer to the fundamental human need to masquerade and protect sensitive information from prying eyes. Although the technology has witnessed a drastic change over the ages, the concept behind encryption has remained

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Inventory Management

Inventory Count Tool

Enhance inventory auditing and future reconciliation efforts with a versatile mobile and web-based application.

Fabrication & Progression Management


Efficiently oversee and optimize the fabrication process of steel components, meticulously tracking and managing the progression of fabrication tasks from staging, prep assembly, welding, QAQC, all the way to shipping.