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steel project application

Shopwerx – Steel Lifecycle Support Web Application

Shopwerx, a steel lifecycle application, is an internal application made for Supreme Steel that tracks the progress of individual steel pieces through the project life cycle. Segregated into a user and administrator portal, this steel lifecycle application is a comprehensive

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Estimation tool project management

Bidwerx – Internal Bidding and Estimating Tool

Framewerx’s Development team created an estimation tool for project management and bid support internal web application. The features of this application include: Breakdown of material. Labour hours necessary for job completion. Required equipment. Expenses. Profit Margins. The process of developing

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HR payroll software

Peoplewerx – Internal HR/Payroll Web Application

A HR payroll software, the Framewerx’s development team has created Peoplewerx. This internal HR/Payroll management web application includes: The addition of new employees. Categorized filtering and querying of employees. Integration with on-premise steel progression application. Automated unique employee ID creation

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